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Lakshmi Puja  one of the main Pujas to be done on the day of Diwali. Mahalakshmi is the reliever of the greatest sin and gives the greatest of boons.  Worshipping her with full dedication and zeal brings opulence and riches to the family, organization, and business. Performed on one of the biggest days of the Hindu calendar. As is believed, the Goddess visits the house which is the cleanest.
As many legends say that Mahalakshmi gives everything to those who repose faith in her, good luck, prosperity, happiness, health, beauty and fame. She shows the right direction for a meaning life.
Pooja Made Easy provides you with the audio or video of mantras, as per your needs. We also provide the Pooja essentials.

 Lakshmi Pooja Price ₹. 2100